“The Fat Fish” in South Berkeley

“The Fat Fish” in South Berkeley

Hyun Kang is an entrepreneur who has made Berkeley his home territory for his restaurant, the Fat Fish. Walk in and see what this entrepreneur has done for a small business in a small town. He serves the freshest fish and seafood. He has reviews on Yelp! and now, he has a new article to showcase his business.

The Fat Fish started out something different from it is today. At one time, about three years ago, Bong changed his menu, the name, and the way he did business. Now, his business is booming, thanks to the fish of the day and the hard work he puts in. There are three employees plus him and his wife. Whether you enjoy prawns, catfish, red snapper or oysters;  customers say “perfectly cooked”, OMG the coleslaw is incredible, crispy and southern seasoned.

Hyun Kang is the owner, the cook, as well as serving and hosting the people who visit. He has many opportunities to grow in the business for someone willing to work. There are many advancement opportunities for employees who work for Bong. Finding the right person to hire at The Fat Fish  who is willing to work hard, work long hours and train at small business wages is challenging.

Kang has a heartfelt appreciation for  Berkeley and when asked why, he answered “I love Berkeley. I love the history of South Berkeley, the community for Asian & African-Americans living and working side by side. And there is not much competition for the restaurant.” So much so that he could pay off his ten-year loan because of the ten years he has been in business.

He enjoys the area and uses local suppliers to supply most of his goods he uses. He would like to give back to the community but has no idea how to do so. If someone was to come to him with an idea, he would love to support ideas good for the community. (more…)

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